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Figure 1

From: Passive immunotherapy against Aβ in aged APP-transgenic mice reverses cognitive deficits and depletes parenchymal amyloid deposits in spite of increased vascular amyloid and microhemorrhage

Figure 1

Spatial learning deficits in APP-transgenic mice were reversed following 3 and 5 months of immunization. Mice were tested in a two-day version of the radial-arm water maze. Solid lines represent APP-transgenic mice while dashed lines represent nontransgenic mice. Open symbols indicate anti-AMN, control-antibody treatment (: APP-transgenic, control antibody; : nontransgenic, control antibody) while closed symbols indicate anti-Aβ antibody treatment (: APP-transgenic, Aβ antibody; ▲: nontransgenic, Aβ antibody). Panel A shows mean number of errors made over the two-day trial period following 3 months of immunization. Each data point is the average of 3 trials. Panel B shows the mean number of errors made over the 2-day trial period following 5 months of immunization. For both graphs * indicates p < 0.05, ** indicates p < 0.001 when the APP-transgenic mice receiving control antibody are compared with the remaining groups.

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