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Table 1 Total Aβ load is significantly reduced following 5 months of anti-Aβ antibody treatment. Percent area occupied by positive immunohistochemical stain for Aβ is shown ± standard error of the mean for both the frontal cortex and hippocampus. Also shown is the percent reduction of Aβ observed following anti-Aβ antibody treatment

From: Passive immunotherapy against Aβ in aged APP-transgenic mice reverses cognitive deficits and depletes parenchymal amyloid deposits in spite of increased vascular amyloid and microhemorrhage

Region % area positive for Aβ: control treated % area positive for Aβ: anti-Aβ treated % reduction following anti-Aβ antibody treatment
Frontal Cortex 34.855 ± 2.265 9.681 ± 0.754 72
Hippocampus 23.994 ± 0.985 8.212 ± 0.596 66