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Table 1 Neurological deficit scoring

From: Prostaglandin F FP receptor antagonist improves outcomes after experimental traumatic brain injury

Test Body symmetry Gait Circling behavior Climbing Front limb symmetry Compulsory circling
Score Mouse allowed to move freely on the elevated open rectangular plain surface for two to five minutes Mouse placed on the gripping surface with 45° angle for 60 seconds Mouse suspended by tail for 30 seconds Mouse suspended by tail with front limbs on bench for 30 seconds
0 normal normal not present normal not present not present
1 tilting on one side stiff, inflexible predominant one-sided turns climbs with strain slight asymmetry tendency to turn to one side
2 moderate asymmetry limping circles to one side not constantly holds on slope marked asymmetry circles to one side
3 prominent asymmetry trembling circles to one side constantly slides down slope, unsuccessful effort to prevent fall prominent asymmetry pivots to one side sluggishly
4 extreme asymmetry does not walk pivoting, swaying, or no movement slides down immediately, no effort to prevent fall slight asymmetry, no body or limb movement does not advance