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Table 2 Antibodies tested in the study

From: Complement activation fragment C5a receptors, CD88 and C5L2, are associated with neurofibrillary pathology

Antibodies Type and source IHC WB
C5L2 N 1-23 Rabbit polyclonal (Hycult) + +
C5L2 N 1-50 Rabbit polyclonal (Abcam) + +
C5L2 C-term peptide Rabbit Polyclonal (Novus) +
C5L2 248-311 Rabbit Polyclonal (Abcam) +
C5L2 clone 1D9M12 Mouse monoclonal (Biolegend) +
C5L2 clone 4C8 Mouse Monoclonal (T.Woodruff) + ND
CD88 C 300-350 Rabbit polyclonal (Novus) +
CD88 N term peptide Rabbit polyclonal (Abcam) + ND
CD88 C term peptide Rabbit polyclonal (Abcam) + +
CD88 clone C85-2506 Rabbit monoclonal (BD Pharmingen) +
CD88 clone S5/1 N1-31 Mouse monoclonal (Serotec) ND
  1. IHC, immunohistochemistry; ND: not done; WB, Western blot.