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Figure 8

From: Treatment with an anti-CD11d integrin antibody reduces neuroinflammation and improves outcome in a rat model of repeated concussion

Figure 8

Anti-CD11d treatment improves cognitive performance in the water maze in the short recovery period (24 h) after repeated mild fluid percussion injury. Treatment groups for panels A-D are defined in the legend in panel A (n = 15/group). (A) Plot of search time vs. sequential trial during acquisition training in the water maze test. Each block is the average of two trials for each rat and data points are mean ± standard error of the mean (SEM) for the group of rats. (B) Plot of percent of direct and circle swims during acquisition training. Histogram bars represent means of data for the groups of rats collected during the 10 trials (± SEM). (C) Plot of search time with respect to number of trials (as in A) during reversal training. (D) Plot of percent of direct and circle swims during reversal training. *Different from sham-injured group; #different from 1B7 group; for post hoc comparisons of means, all P ≤0.05. For additional statistical details see Results.

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