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Figure 4

From: Interleukin-1 beta converting enzyme is necessary for development of depression-like behavior following intracerebroventricular administration of lipopolysaccharide to mice

Figure 4

Both ICE KO and WT mice given systemic LPS exhibited increased expression of inflammatory markers in brain. In both WT and ICE KO mice, LPS injected IP induced expression of (a) IL-1β, TNF-α, and IL-6 at 4 h. All but IL-6 remained elevated at 24 h. (b) ICE KO mice had greater expression of IL-10 and IL-1RA at 4 h. However, at 24 h, the LPS-induced increase in IL-10 expression was similar in both strains of mice while that of IL-1RA was reduced in ICE KO mice. (c) CD11b was not elevated by LPS until 24 h post-treatment while GFAP expression was increased at both 4 h and 24 h similarly in WT and ICE KO mice. Data are average mRNA expression levels relative to GAPDH ± SEM, **P <0.01, *P <0.05 comparing bracketed groups; main effects of LPS where indicated; n = 5 to 6 mice per group. Insets: Data presented with zoomed in scale to ease interpretation. Mean Ct values for saline treated WT groups were: IL-1β, 29.5 ± 0.1; TNF-α, 29.6 ± 0.1; IL-6, 29.2 ± 0.1; IL-10, 34.9 ±0.1; IL-1RA, 30.4 ± 0.3; CD11b, 21.6 ± 0.1; GFAP, 18.0 ± 0.1.

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