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Table 4 Combined P values for the correlation between inflammatory parameters, cognitive domains and tests

From: Improved neurocognitive functions correlate with reduced inflammatory burden in atrial fibrillation patients treated with intensive cholesterol lowering therapy

Attention 0.92

Speed 0.02

Language 0.12

Switching 0.12

Memory 0.03

SDST 0.21

Stro I 0.93

Stro IV 0.00

TMTA 0.02


TMTB 0.83

WTDR 0.08

ERT 0.47


  1. ERT, elementary reaction time; NPOSOM, abbreviation of the Dutch term for the total number of impaired neuropsychological tests; SDST, symbol digit substitution test; Stro I,Stroop Color-Word Test I; Stro IV,Stroop Color-Word Test IV; TMTA, Trail Making Test A; TMTB, Trail Making Test B; WTDR,15 word test delayed recall.