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Figure 3

From: Reduction of microglial activity in a model of multiple sclerosis by dipyridamole

Figure 3

Transformation of activated microglia to an amoeboid form was reduced when microglia under basal culture conditions or stimulated with 100 ng/ml LPS were exposed to dipyridamole for 2 days. (A) through (D) CD14 staining. (A) Basal control microglia. (B) LPS alone. (C) LPS + 5 μM dipyridamole. (D) LPS + 20 μM dipyridamole. Original magnification, ×200. (E) Cell counts of microglia in LPS-stimulated or basal conditions were unaltered by dipyridamole. In contrast, the increase of cell area (F) and CD14 intensity (G) due to LPS activation was blocked by dipyridamole. This effect was dose-dependent. Dipyridamole did not alter these features in unstimulated basal microglia cultures. ***P < 0.001 compared to the respective controls. Values are means ± SEM of quadruplicate cultures. NS = not significant.

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