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Figure 6

From: Reduction of microglial activity in a model of multiple sclerosis by dipyridamole

Figure 6

Impact of dipyridamole dose and the time of treatment initiation on EAE. (A) The clinical scores favored the dipyridamole-treated animals (n = 5 per group, mean ± SEM) after 8 d of treatment when initiation of treatment (100 mg/kg) was delayed until day 20 of EAE. (B) The clinical score in animals treated on day 7 of EAE induction with either 200 mg/kg (not shown) or 300 mg/kg dipyridamole is reduced at both the peak of disease and postpeak (n = 8 per group, mean ± SEM). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01.

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