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Figure 4

From: Deletion of astroglial CXCL10 delays clinical onset but does not affect progressive axon loss in a murine autoimmune multiple sclerosis model

Figure 4

Astroglial CXCL10 deletion does not affect microglia/macrophage accumulation within and around inflammatory lesions. (A) Representative cross-sectional images of lumbar spinal cord ventral fasciculi of an astroglial CXCL10 knockout and a control mouse 17 dpi showing microglia/macrophage (IBA1; green) and T cell (CD4; red) accumulation in an inflammatory lesion. (B) Integrated Density of IBA1 and (C) CD4 within the lesions. There were no statistically significant changes in the IntDen measurements between the two groups.

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