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Figure 6 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 6

From: Deletion of astroglial CXCL10 delays clinical onset but does not affect progressive axon loss in a murine autoimmune multiple sclerosis model

Figure 6

Astroglial CXCL10 deletion diminishes acute spinal cord demyelination, but does not alter progressive spinal cord axon loss. (A) Representative images of myelin basic protein (MBP, red) immunoreactivity in lumbar spinal cord cross-sections in astroglial CXCL10 knockout mice and littermate controls at 17 dpi. White arrowheads and arrows indicate small and large demyelinative lesions, respectively. (B) Quantification of demyelinated regions (n = 4 mice/group; P <0.0001). (C) No significant differences between astroglial CXCL10 knockout and control mice in numbers of SMI 312 positive axons in the dorsal fasciculus (C) and ventral fasciculus (D); n = 3–7 mice/group. Vertical bars = SEMs.

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