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Table 1 Genes for real-time PCR

From: Transition from an M1 to a mixed neuroinflammatory phenotype increases amyloid deposition in APP/PS1 transgenic mice

Gene of interest PMID Taqman ID
IL-6 NM_031168.1 Mm00446190_m1
IL-1β NM_008361.3 Mm00434228_m1
IL-12a NM_008351.2 Mm00434165_m1
IL-12b NM_008352.2 Mm00434174_m1
ARG1 NM_007482.3 Mm00475988_m1
YM1 (Chil3) NM_009892.2 Mm00657889_mH
CD86 NM_019388.3 Mm00444543_m1
FcγR1 NM_010186.5 Mm00438874_m1
FcγR3 NM_010188.5 Mm00438882_m1
TGFβ1 NM_011577.1 Mm01178820_m1
SPHK1 NM_011451.3 Mm01252544_m1
  1. ARG, arginase; FcγR, Fc gamma receptor; IL, interleukin; SPHK, sphingosine kinase; TGF, transforming growth factor.