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Table 2 Antibodies used for FACS analysis

From: Macrophages migrate in an activation-dependent manner to chemokines involved in neuroinflammation

Antigen Species and isotype Clone Dilution Source
CD31 mIgG1 JC70A 1:100 Dako, NL
VLA-4 mIgG1 HP2/1 1:100 Millipore, NL
CCR2 rbIgG E68 1:50 Abcam, UK
CXCR3 mIgG1 1C6 1:50 BD, NL
CXCR4 mIgG1 12G5 1:50 BD, NL
CCR5 mIgG1 2D7 1:50 BD, NL
Isotype control mIgG1 - 0.2 μg/mL Serotec, UK
  1. Rb, rabbit; m, mouse.