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Table 1 Modulation of inflammatory mediators in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models

From: Modulation of inflammation in transgenic models of Alzheimer’s disease

AD mouse model Genetic manipulation Effect on Alzheimer-like pathology Reference
APP231 TNF-RI−/− ↓Aβ, ↓amyloid plaques, ↓microglial activation, ↓BACE1, ↓neuronal loss, ↑memory [21]
3xTg-AD2 TNF-RI/RII−/− ↑Aβ, ↑amyloid plaques, ↑PHF, ↓IBA1, ↓microglial phagocytosis, ↓LTP [24]
3xTg-AD2 TNFα−/− ↑Aβ, ↔memory improvement [25]
3xTg-AD2 TgIL-1βXAT ↓Aβ, ↑p-tau, ↑glial activation [26]
APP/PS13 TgIL-1βXAT ↓Aβ, ↑glial activation, ↑cytokines [27]
APP/PS13 TgIL-1βXAT ↓Aβ, ↓amyloid plaques [28]
APP/PS14 IL-12α−/− ↓Aβ [19]
APP/PS14 IL-12β−/− ↓Aβ, ↓glial activation [19]
APP/PS14 IL-23−/− ↓Aβ [19]
PDGF-APPSweInd line J95 GFAP-TGFβ1 ↓Aβ, ↑cerebrovascular Aβ, ↑glial activation [29]
PDAPP6 GFAP-TGFβ1 ↑cerebrovascular Aβ, ↑CAA, ↑perivascular astrocytes [30]
Tg25767 CD11c-DNR(TGF-β) ↓Aβ, ↓memory impairment, ↓CAA [31]
Tg25767 IFNγRI−/− ↓Aβ, ↓glial activation [20]
APP/PS13 Mrp14−/− ↓Aβ, ↓BACE1, ↓cytokines, ↑microglial activation, ↑Aβ phagocytosis [32]
Tg25767 NOS2−/− ↑Aβ,↑p-tau, ↑neuronal death [17]
APP/PS13 NOS2−/− ↓Aβ, ↓plaques, ↑LTP, ↑memory [18]
APP/PS13 NOS2−/− ↑IDE [33]
Tg-SwDI/B8 NOS2−/− ↔Aβ, ↑p-tau, ↑CAA, ↑neuronal loss, ↑memory impairment [34]
PDGF-APPSweInd line J95 PDGF-RAGE ↑Aβ, ↑glial activation, ↓LTP [35]
PDGF-APPSweInd line J95 GFAP-α1-ACT ↑Aβ [36]
PDAPP6 GFAP-α1-ACT ↑Aβ, ↑plaques [37]
PDAPP6 GFAP-α1-ACT ↑p-tau [38]
  1. 1hAPP Swedish mutation under the murine Thy1.2 promoter. 2hAPP Swedish, hPS1 knock-in with M146V mutation, htau P301L mutation. APP and Tau are under the Thy1 promoter. 3hAPP Swedish and hPS1dE9 mutations under the murine Thy1.2 promoter. 4hAPP Swedish and hPS1 L166P mutations under the murine Thy1 promoter. 5hAPP Swedish and Indiana mutations under the PDGF promoter. 6hAPP Indiana mutation under the PDGF promoter. 7hAPP Swedish mutation under the hamster prion promoter. 8hAPP Swedish, Dutch and Iowa mutations under the murine Thy1.2 promoter. Aβ, amyloid-beta; ACT, antichymotrypsin; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; APP, amyloid precursor protein; CAA, cerebral amyloid angiopathy; GFAP, glial fibrillary acidic protein; IBA, ionized calcium binding adaptor molecule-1; IDE, insulin degrading enzyme; IFN, interferon; IL, interleukin; LTP, long-term potentiation; NOS, nitric oxide synthase; PDAPP, amyloid precursor protein under control of platelet-derived growth factor promoter; PDGF, platelet-derived growth factor; PHF, Paired helical filament; RAGE, Receptor for Advanced Glycation End; Tg, transgenic; TGF, transforming growth factor; TNF, tumor necrosis factor.