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Table 1 Schedule of stressors used during the chronic variate stress treatment a

From: Chronic stress enhances microglia activation and exacerbates death of nigral dopaminergic neurons under conditions of inflammation

Day Stressor Time
1 Forced swimming 10 min
2 Restraint 3 h
3 Water deprivation 24 h
4 Restrain at 4°C 90 min
5 Isolation 24 h
6 Food deprivation 24 h
7 Water deprivation 24 h
8 Restrain at 4°C 2 h
9 Food deprivation 24 h
  1. aAnimals subjected to stress were exposed to the stressors according to the schedule listed. The left column indicates the day of the stressing protocol. The right column indicates the length of each stimulus applied.