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Table 3 *Expression of cytokines and their receptors in the brains of WNV-infected WT and db / db mice at day 8 after infection

From: Reduced immune cell infiltration and increased pro-inflammatory mediators in the brain of Type 2 diabetic mouse model infected with West Nile virus

Ligand WT db/db Receptor WT db/db
IFNγ 10 113 IL1R1 1.5 1.5
IL-1α 1.8 8.1 IL1R2 4.4 9.4
IL-1β 3.3 11 TNFRSF1A 1.8 7.1
TNF 6.1 92 TNFRSF1B 2.3 4.1
IL-4 -2.1 -4.2    
  1. *Changes in the levels of each gene was first normalized to the housekeeping genes, and then the fold-change in WNV-infected brains was calculated in comparison to the corresponding mock-infected brains.