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Figure 12 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 12

From: A refined in vitro model to study inflammatory responses in organotypic membrane culture of postnatal rat hippocampal slices

Figure 12

Nissl stained sections demonstrating the overall morphological integrity of the P7 hippocampus slices cultured in serum-free media. (A) Control slice cultured for 5 DIV. (B) LPS (5 μg/ml/24 h) treated slice at 5 DIV. (C) LPS (5 μg/ml/24 h) and TSA (20 nM/24 h) treated slice at 14 DIV. The neuronal layers could be recognized despite the different treatments. DG = dentate gyrus, CA3 = cornu ammonis 3 and CA1 = cornu ammonis 1. Scale bars equal 200 μm.

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