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Table 1 Summary of antibodies used in this study

From: Novel Aβ peptide immunogens modulate plaque pathology and inflammation in a murine model of Alzheimer's disease

Antibody Antigen Type Source DilutionA Reference
GFAP Glial Fibrillary acidic protein (bovine) Rabbit polyclonal Dako IHC: 4 ug/ml [58]
6E10 Aβ1–17 (human) Mouse monoclonal Seneteck IHC: 1 ug/ml [59]
MAC-1 CD11b (mouse) Rat monoclonal Serotec IHC: 10 ug/ml [60]
CD45 CD45 (mouse) Rat Monoclonal Serotec IHC: 1 ug/ml [61]
C3(2/16) C3/iC3b/C3c (mouse) Rat Monoclonal Lambris IHC 1:500 [36]
C3(2/11) C3b/iC3b/C3c (mouse) Rat Monoclonal Lambris IHC 1:1000 [36]
M-16 β-Amyloid Rabbit Polyclonal Glabe IHC 1:2000 [62]
  1. A IHC, immunohistochemistry