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Figure 7 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 7

From: Parecoxib is neuroprotective in spontaneously hypertensive rats after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion: a divided treatment response?

Figure 7

Examples of saline and parecoxib treatment one week after tMCAo. Representative examples of saline (A) and parecoxib (B) treatment are shown. The first four rows show DWI and the corresponding ADC maps from Day 2 and 8. Note the "pseudonormalization" of the ADC map in the saline-treated animal on Day 8 (A). The last two rows show the ED-1 and NeuN stains. The area where activated microglia and invading white blood cells are seen on the ED-1 stain clearly overlap the area of neuronal loss visualized on the NeuN stain. The treatment effect of parecoxib was only seen in the right MCA area whereas the medial striatal area supplied by the AChA did not respond.

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