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Figure 4

From: Neuromyelitis optica pathogenesis and aquaporin 4

Figure 4

Immunogenic peptide of AQP4. The space filling motif on the left shows the helices from the top of the AQP4 molecule. The white residues are amino acids 206–231 with several shown in CPK format that highlights oxygen (red) or nitrogen (blue) atoms that might be available for interactions with antibody combining sites. The residues in white on the bottom of the figure are 207, 208 while those on the top represent 216–231 with 224–229 in CPK format. In residues 224–229, M224, G225, W227, and E228 for a cluster of residues that have multiple atoms available for H-bonding. The image on the right is rotated 90° relative to the image on the left.

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