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Figure 3

From: Toll-like receptor 4-dependent upregulation of cytokines in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

Figure 3

CD45-immunoreactive cells in TLR4m and TLR4w AD mice. The frozen sections of cerebral cortices from TLR4m (A and B) and TLR4w (C and D) AD mice were stained with anti-CD45 antibody. Scale bars are 50 μm in A and C, and 10 μm in B and D. The middle images (B and D) are a high magnification of the areas indicated by the squares in the top images (A and C). CD45 immunoreactive area percentages of TLR4m and TLR4w AD mice were shown as a bar graph (means ± SE) (E). Approximately 15 fields of the cerebral cortex (0.5 to 1 mm2 each, using a 10× objective and 1× eyepiece lens) from 4 – 5 coronal brain sections, each separated by more than 240 μm interval, from each mouse were analyzed. TLR4m and TLR4w represent TLR4m and TLR4w AD mice, respectively.

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