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Figure 2

From: Focal cerebral ischemia in the TNFalpha-transgenic rat

Figure 2

Cellular expression of TNFα protein in transgenic and non-transgenic rat brain. This photographic collage shows cellular expression of TNFα protein and compares the brain anatomy of transgenic and non-transgenic (non-Tg) rats that were not subjected to ischemic injury. Coronal brain sections were incubated with primary antibodies identifying mouse or rat TNFα protein (Panels a and b), neurons (Panels c and d), astroglia (Panels e and f), microglia/macrophages (Panels g and h), or oligodendroglia (Panels i and j). All light microscopic images were taken at 20× magnification. Transgenic rat brain is shown in Panels b, d, f, h, and j. All remaining images are of brain in non-Tg littermates. Cells that were immunoreactive for TNFα appeared only in transgenic animals, as shown in Panel b. A hash mark drawn to the left of each pair of 20× images represents the interface between neocortex and internal capsule. Scale bar = 100 μm

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