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Figure 1

From: Expression and distribution of Toll-like receptors 11–13 in the brain during murine neurocysticercosis

Figure 1

M. corti infection elevates mRNA expression of TLRs 11–13 in brain. Total RNA was isolated from infected and mock infected control mouse brains at 1 wk, 3 wk, and 6 wk p.i. using Trizol reagent. Isolated RNA was reversed transcribed to cDNA by using random primers. Levels of TLR specific RNA and housekeeping gene 18S in these samples were measured by Real Time PCR analysis as described below using SYBR green as the detection dye. TLR specific mRNA levels were normalized to the mRNA level of the housekeeping gene 18S in the same sample and expressed in arbitrary units. The normalized values corresponding to the mRNA expression for each TLR gene are shown in the y-axis and represent the mean of three independent experiments. The data obtained were compared using a Student's t-test.

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