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Figure 9

From: Cellular localization of kinin B1 receptor in the spinal cord of streptozotocin-diabetic rats with a fluorescent [Nα-Bodipy]-des-Arg9-bradykinin

Figure 9

STZ-treated thoracic spinal cord was exposed to TOPRO-3, a specific fluorescent dye for DNA (A). Microglia was identified with anti-IBA-1 (B). The B1R was stained with the selective fluorescent agonist, BdABK (C). Colocalization of the three markers is shown in panel D. TOPRO-3 dye is blue (ext: 642 nm/em: 661 nm), anti-IBA-1 dye is red (ext: 550 nm/em: 570 nm) and BdABK dye is green (ext: 505 nm/em: 515 nm). Scale bar = 5.38 μm. Pictures presented are representative of a minimum of 4 sections per rat from 4 different animals.

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