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Figure 1

From: Functional interleukin-17 receptor A is expressed in central nervous system glia and upregulated in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Figure 1

IL-17RA expression in mouse CNS. Spleen, brain and spinal cord were harvested from 10-week-old C57BL/6 and IL-17RA-deficient mice and used for quantification of IL-17RA mRNA by RT-PCR. Absolute copy number (mRNA molecules/μg total RNA) is shown. (A) Quantification of IL-17RA mRNA in wild-type mice using a primer set from exon boundary 1–2. IL-17RA expression was detected in all samples with > 5-fold more expression in spleen than CNS. One experiment of three is shown. (B) Expression of IL-17RA assessed by RT-PCR using a primer set from exon boundary 3–4. IL-17RA expression was again observed in wild-type (WT) CNS, but not in IL-17RA-deficient mice. Mean and SEM generated from multiple animals in one experiment (of three) is shown.

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