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Table 1 Primary antibody and antibody/fluorochrome-conjugates against various immune mediators, B. burgdorferi, and cell phenotypes

From: Possible role of glial cells in the onset and progression of Lyme neuroborreliosis

IL-6 anti-human IL-6
(Abcam Inc. Cambridge, MA)
Rabbit IgG 1:1000
IL-8 anti-human IL-8
RDI Flanders, NJ
Rabbit IgG 10 μg/ml
CCL2 anti-human CCL2
Mouse IgG1 10 μg/ml
  anti-human CCL2
Rabbit IgG 1:10
CXCL13 anti-human CXCL13
goat IgG 5 μg/ml
B. burgdorferi anti-whole cell preparation
(Accurate Chemicals, Westbury, NY)
Rabbit IgG 1:250
  anti- B. burgdorferi-FITC
(Kirkegaard and Perry, Gaithersburg, MD)
Goat 1:10
Astrocyte anti-human GFAP-cy3
(Sigma St Louis, MO)
Mouse IgG1 1:200
  anti-human GFAP
Mouse IgG1 1:200
Astrocyte, Oligodendrocyte, Schwann cell, satellite cell anti-bovine S-100
Rabbit IgG 1:1000
Microglia anti-Iba1 synthetic peptide
(Wako Pure Chemicals, Richmond, VA)
Rabbit IgG 1:100
Endothelial cells anti-human GLUT-1
Rabbit IgG 1:50
Neuron anti-mouse NeuN
Mouse IgG1 1:20
T cell anti-human CD3
(Dako, Carpinteria, CA)
Mouse IgG2a 1:10
B cell anti-human CD20
Mouse IgG1 1:200
Macrophage anti-human CD68
Mouse IgG1 1:50