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Figure 1

From: Membrane attack complex inhibitor CD59a protects against focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Figure 1

Comparison of infarct volume and brain swelling of CD59a-deficient and wild-type-mice (C57BL/6) after 60 min MCAO. Infarct volumes (A, C, E), and brain swelling (B, D, F), given as box-and-whisker plots, at 48 h of reperfusion after induction of ischemia are visualized for both, CD59a-deficient (CD59a-/-) and wild-type (WT) mice, of both genders (A, B) (n = 22CD59a-/- mix; n = 16WT mix) as well as male (C, D) (nCD59a-/- m = 11; nWT m = 6) and female (E, F) (nCD59a-/- f = 11; nWT f = 10) mice separately. Statistical analysis was performed using the Mann-Whitney-U-test. The indirect infarct volume was calculated as the volume of the difference between contralateral hemisphere and the non-infarcted volume of the ipsilateral hemisphere. There is no significant difference between infarct sizes of CD59-ko mice and wild-type mice. In all box plots, the top of the box represents the 75th percentile, the bottom of the box represents the 25th percentile, and the line in the middle represents the 50th percentile (median). The whiskers (the lines that extend out the top and bottom of the box) represent the highest and lowest values that are not outliers or extreme values.

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