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Figure 3

From: Membrane attack complex inhibitor CD59a protects against focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Figure 3

TUNEL-positive cell count in post-ischemic mouse brain tissue after 30 min and 60 min MCAO. Absolute counts of TUNEL (apoptotic and necrotic)-positive cells in whole ischemic brain hemispheres of male wild-type and CD59a-deficient mice, determined in different brain sections. A: TUNEL-positive cell counts in MCAO-model 1 (60 min MCAO), B: cell counts in MCAO-model 2 (30 min MCAO). Distance to bregma: a, 5.3 mm; b, 3.9 mm; and c, 1.9 mm (*: p < 0.05, SD, unpaired t-test, n = 3 per group).

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