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Figure 5

From: Membrane attack complex inhibitor CD59a protects against focal cerebral ischemia in mice

Figure 5

Comparison of neurological dysfunction of CD59a-deficient and wild-type-mice (C57BL/6) after 60 min MCAO. Either 24 h after reperfusion (A, C, E) or 48 h after reperfusion (B, D, F) there is no significant difference in neurological dysfunction, neither in male (C, D) nor in female (E, F) mice group when comparing CD59-deficient mice to wild-type (WT) mice. Statistical analysis was performed using the Mann-Whitney-U-test. Score of 0: no neurological dysfunctions; score 1: failure to extend right forepaw, score 2: circling to the contralateral side; score 3: loss of postural reflex and score 4: death. Number of animals: for CD59a-ko n = 24, WT n = 21. Both male and female animals were used in this study.

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