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Figure 2

From: Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB, a lysosomal storage disease, triggers a pathogenic CNS autoimmune response

Figure 2

Pathogenic effects of the adoptive transfer of MPS IIIB lymphocytes. Splenocytes isolated from multiple 2-3-month-old MPS IIIB mice were pooled and stimulated in vitro with 1 μg/ml Con A for 48 hours. The activated non-adhesive cells were then isolated and injected IV into 8-10-week-old wt mice (n = 20). The controls were the wt mice treated with an IV injection of wt lymphocytes (n = 20). The mice receiving MPS IIIB lymphocytes developed mild EAE-like clinical disease (a), with decreased hindlimb grip strength (b), impaired rearing activity (c), reduced latency on rotarod (d), and delayed growth (e). +/+: adoptive transfer of wt lymphocytes; -/-: adoptive transfer of MPS IIIB lymphocytes. *: P < 0.01 wt cell-treated vs. MPS IIIB cell-treated mice;: P < 0.05 vs. day 8; #: P < 0.01 vs. day 8. The bw differences of MPS IIIB cell recipients vs. wt cell recipients from day 8-40 were significant (P < 0.05).

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