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Table 1 Donor splenic lymphocyte population *Splenocyte population (%)

From: Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB, a lysosomal storage disease, triggers a pathogenic CNS autoimmune response

Donor B220+ CD3+ F4/80+
mice   CD4+ CD8+  
wt 47.7 22.2 15.2 8.25
MPS IIIB 55.5 14.6 14.5 14.1
  1. *Splenic lymphocytes isolated from age-matched (10-12-week-old) male MPS IIIB or wt mice were pooled and stimulated with ConA (1 μg/ml in RPMI growth media) for 48 hrs. Data represent the average of two independent experiments (n = 8 donors/group/experiment).