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Figure 7

From: Krüppel-like factor 4, a novel transcription factor regulates microglial activation and subsequent neuroinflammation

Figure 7

Klf4 interacts with pNF-κB during inflammation. (A) Immunoblot analysis of pNF-κB levels from total cellular extracts upon LPS treatment of BV-2 cells. The graph represents pNF-κB levels relative to untreated control sample at different time points. There is a significant increase in pNF-κB expression at all time points of LPS treatment compared to control. (B) Immunoblot and immunoprecipitation analysis of the interaction between pNF-κB and Klf4 in nuclear extracts of differently treated cells. Samples were 'pulled' down with a pNF-κB antibody. Lane A shows the blot for Klf4 in the upper panel and for pNF-κB in the lower panel in immunoprecipitate using anti-pNF-κB antibody, and lane B shows the same for immunoprecipitate using rabbit IgG as a control. *, **, Statistical differences in comparison to control values (* p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01).

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