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Figure 1

From: Distribution of interleukin-1 receptor complex at the synaptic membrane driven by interleukin-1β and NMDA stimulation

Figure 1

Characterisation of IL-1RI, IL-1RAcP and MyD88 subcellular distributions in rat hippocampi and primary hippocampal neurons. A: IL-1RI, IL-1RAcP and MyD88, together with markers of the pre-synaptic compartment (synaptophysin) and post-synaptic side (PSD-95, GluN1) were analysed in various rat hippocampus subcellular compartments by means of western blot. H = homogenate; S1 = low-speed supernatant; P1 = nuclei-associated membranes; S2 = high-speed supernatant; P2 = crude membrane fraction; Syn = synaptosomes; TIF = Triton-insoluble postsynaptic fraction; PSD = post-synaptic density. B: DIV14 hippocampal neurons were immunolabelled for IL-1RI, IL-1RAcP and MyD88 (upper panels), and PSD-95 as a post-synaptic marker (middle panels). The bottom panels show the merged images. Scale bar: 10 μM. High-magnification images are shown at the top of each panel. The antibody specific for IL-1RI was from Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc (Santa Cruz, CA) (M20) and its specificity has been tested by pre-absorption with the blocking peptide (data not shown).

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