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Figure 1

From: LPS preconditioning redirects TLR signaling following stroke: TRIF-IRF3 plays a seminal role in mediating tolerance to ischemic injury

Figure 1

Microarray analysis of anti-inflammatory/type I IFN and pro-inflammatory gene expression. Microarray analysis revealed enhanced anti-inflammatory/type I IFN and comparable pro-inflammatory gene expression profiles in the brain of LPS-preconditioned (0.2 mg/kg, intraperitoneal injection) mice following 45 min MCAO. Heatmap representing level of gene expression immediately prior to (0 hr) MCAO and 3 and 24 hr post MCAO; n = 4/treatment/timepoint. Lt. Select anti-inflammatory/type I IFN genes. Rt. Select pro-inflammatory genes. Color scale from green to red represents relative decreased or increased gene expression levels, respectively.

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