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Figure 6 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 6

From: Lateral fluid percussion injury of the brain induces CCL20 inflammatory chemokine expression in rats

Figure 6

CCL20 is expressed in rat brain cortex and hippocampus 48 h after TBI. A. Immunostaining with anti CCL20 antibody shows CCL20-expressing cells in cortex and hippocampus 48 h after TBI. Low magnification (scale bar 500μ) photomicrographs with high magnification (scale bar 50μ) images from selected areas are shown in the inset. The immunostaining was localized in the pyknotic cell bodies (arrows) devoid of surrounding tissues indicating tissue damage. This immunostaining was not evident 24 h after TBI. Arrows indicate the CCL20-expressing cells. B. CCL20-positive neurons in ipsilateral cortex and hippocampus were counted using the NIH Image J program and compared with corresponding areas from sham animals. CCL20 expression significantly increased in TBI animals 48 hours after impact. **p < 0.001 compared to sham.

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