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Table 1 Description of post-mortem brain sections

From: Human brain endothelial cells endeavor to immunoregulate CD8 T cells via PD-1 ligand expression in multiple sclerosis

Block M/F Age (Y) DD (Y) Cause of death DFT (h) Sample Type ORO, hematoxylin Score Summary observations on ORO-stained sections
1 F 68 - Colo-rectal metastatic tumour 23 NC W, OV, R 0, 0 Normal white matter and cortical grey matter
2 M 49 - Myocardial infarction and coronary artery thrombosis 11 NC W, PV, R 0, 0 Normal white matter and grey matter.
3 M 53 - Cardiac arrest 19 NC W, OSv, R 0, 0 Normal white matter.
4 F 47 20 Bronchopneumonia 9 MS AQ, FSv, L 4, 3 White matter and grey matter surrounding active plaque. ORO+ cells in blood vessel walls and parenchyma.
5 F 47 20 Bronchopneumonia 9 MS AQ, PSv, L 5, 4 Large plaque with active and some subacute and chronic areas. Large perivascular cuffs. White and grey matter.
6 F 37 10 Bronchopneumonia 24 MS AQ, basal ganglia, L 3, 3 Large subacute plaque with perivascular cuffing; areas of grey matter.
7 F 71 32 Bronchopneumonia 19 MS SAQ, O pole Sv, L 2, 0 Hypocellular plaque surrounded by patchy abnormal-appearing white matter.
8 F 29 8 Bronchopneumonia 11 MS SAQ, cerebellum, R 1, 1 Large subacute plaque with hypercellular areas.
9 F 60 34 Renal failure 24 MS SAQ, TV, L 2, 4 Large subacute plaque with many large and small perivascular cuffs.
10 F 49 11 Bronchopneumonia 16 MS CQ, F pole V, R 0, 2 Large chronic plaque surrounded by pale abnormal white matter.
  1. Abbreviations:
  2. DD: disease duration; DFT: time between death and sample freezing; NC: normal control; W: white matter; MS: multiple sclerosis; AQ: active plaque; SAQ: subacute plaque; V: ventricular; Sv: subventricular; F: frontal; P: parietal; T: temporal; O: occipital; R: right; L: left.
  3. ORO and cuffing: Scored on a scale of 0 to 5 for ORO and haematoxylin staining; 0 is what would be expected in normal control white matter. Data is averaged from duplicate sections cut immediately before and after the serial sections cut.