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Figure 3

From: CXCR7 antagonism prevents axonal injury during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis as revealed by in vivoaxial diffusivity

Figure 3

Axial diffusivity threshold segmentation on VLWM of mouse spinal cord reveals similarities of CCX771-treated mice with naïve. VLWM λ|| distribution from naïve spinal cord (μ = 1.7, σ = 0.36, n = 5) (A). Red line represents threshold of injured white matter from naïve spinal cords used as control. The background image is the λ|| maps (B). The red masks represent axial diffusivity threshold defined injured axon (or white matter). Saline- and vehicle-treated mice showed extensive VLWM having abnormal axial diffusivity. Statistical analysis confirmed no significant difference between naïve and 10 mg/kg CCX771-treated mice in contrast to the other groups (C, results are expressed as mean ± SD. One-way ANOVA, F = 7.855, P = 0.0002).

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