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Figure 5

From: CXCR7 antagonism prevents axonal injury during experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis as revealed by in vivoaxial diffusivity

Figure 5

Myelin staining is consistent with DTI findings. Lumbar segments sections of 6 μm were stained with LFB and exhibited comparable levels of myelination around ventral horns when observed at 5X of magnification (A scale bar = 50 μm). Persistent inflammation at the meningeal surface was detected in 5 mg/kg CCX771-, vehicle- and saline-treated mice. At 40X magnification (offsets, scale bar = 20 μm) of the same lumbar segment shown similar myelin distribution for 10 mg/kg CCX771-treated mice than naïve. At 40X magnification (offsets, scale bar = 25 μm) normal axons could be identified (arrow) in mice treated with 10 mg/kg CCX771 while axonal bundles in different stages of degeneration were observable to a lesser extent in 5 mg/kg CCX771-treated mice but, more abundant and severe in vehicle- and saline-treated mice (arrowheads). Immunofluorescent detection of MBP (green) and GST-π (red) showed similar levels of myelin content and presence of oligodendrocytes in all treatment groups (B scale bar = 25 μm). As observed with LFB, DAPI nuclear staining (blue) is more evident in the 5 mg/kg CCX771-, vehicle- and saline-treated mice.

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