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Figure 11

From: Temporal pattern of expression and colocalization of microglia/macrophage phenotype markers following brain ischemic injury in mice

Figure 11

Summary of M/M markers coexpression 24 h and 7d after the ischemic lesion. At 24 h after injury (A) immunoreactivity for CD11, which is readly increased after ischemia, is expressed in ramified and globular cells. CD68 is present in a percentage of both globular and ramified CD11b+ cells. Ym1 and CD206 that are present mostly in the core of the lesion, are expressed by a fraction of globular CD11b+ cells and can be present on the same cells. A few cells coexpressing CD206 and CD68 can be found in the area between the core and the border zone where the two markers are mainly located respectively. At 7d after injury (B) Ym1 decreases while CD68 expression greatly increases and from the border zone where it was at earlier times it invades the ischemic core (see also data in Figure 3). A few CD68+ cells appear now to express Ym1.

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