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Figure 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 4

From: Temporal pattern of expression and colocalization of microglia/macrophage phenotype markers following brain ischemic injury in mice

Figure 4

Distribution of the selected M/M markers inside the ischemic lesion at 24 h from the injury. Representative immunostaining micrographs show spatial distribution of M/M phenotype markers (CD11b, CD45, Ym1, CD206, CD68) into the ischemic area at 24 h after ischemia (upper panels). Bar = 250 μm. Drawings representing the immunostaining data (lower panels). Only immunoreactivity for CD11b could be observed outside the lesioned area in basal conditions (sham-operated mice). In the lesion, CD11b+ cells showing a ramified to globular morphology could be observed going from the border zone to the ischemic core (red). CD45 staining was present throughout the entire ischemic area (pink). Conversely CD68 appeared to be strongly concentrated in the border zone. Ym1 and CD206 were exclusively expressed in the ischemic core.

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