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Figure 6

From: Temporal pattern of expression and colocalization of microglia/macrophage phenotype markers following brain ischemic injury in mice

Figure 6

Coexpression of CD11b (red) and Ym1 (green) at 24 h (A-B-E-F) and 7d (C-D-G-H) after pMCAO. Ym1 positive cells co-label with globular CD11b postive cells at both time points (A, C). High magnifications (E-G) and 3D rendering (F-H) show colabeling of markers further highlighting the coexpression (blu = nuclei, bar: 5 μm). Consistent with the observation that no Ym1 cells are present in the border zone (Figure 4), no immunostaining for Ym1 at neither time points could be observed in this area (B, D). Data are representative of 3 independent experiments. Bars: 20 μm.

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