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Figure 3

From: Expression and cellular localization of cyclooxygenases and prostaglandin E synthases in the hemorrhagic brain

Figure 3

Double immunostaining of COX-2 with cell type-specific markers (NeuN for neurons, CD11b for microglia, and GFAP for astrocytes) in the mouse brain after ICH. A-C: In the perihematomal region of the striatum, the number of COX-2-immunoreactive cells increased; double immunostaining demonstrated that COX-2 was expressed in neurons (A) and astrocytes (C), but not in microglia (B), at 5 h after ICH. D-F: At 1 day after ICH, the COX-2 immunoreactivity tended to decrease in neurons (D) and increase in astrocytes (F) of the perihematomal region in the striatum; however COX-2 immunoreactivity remained unchanged in microglia (E). G-I: At 3 days post-ICH, COX-2 immunoreactivity further increased in astrocytes (I) but was not observed in neurons (G) or microglia (H) in the perihematomal region of the striatum. Scale bar in C, F, I, 30 μm.

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