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Figure 6 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 6

From: Signal pathways in astrocytes activated by cross-talk between of astrocytes and mast cells through CD40-CD40L

Figure 6

Schematic diagram showing signaling pathways in co-cultured-astrocytes. The data suggest that activation of astrocytes caused by co-culturing with mast cells through CD40-CD40 interaction mainly induces production of cytokines and chemokines via Rho-family GTPases/Ca2+-dependent PKC isoforms, MAP kinases, NF-κB and STAT1727. These cytokines subsequently re-activate astrocytes, and enhance the production of a variety of cytokines via Jak/STAT1701 or STAT1727/CBP pathways. TNFR1, TNF-α receptor 1; CD154, CD40 ligand. Broken lines show parts of the pathways requiring further study.

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