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Figure 3

From: Protein kinase C-α signals P115RhoGEF phosphorylation and RhoA activation in TNF-α-induced mouse brain microvascular endothelial cell barrier dysfunction

Figure 3

TNF-α induces P115RhoGEF phosphorylation in Bend.3 cells. Serum-starved cells were labeled with 32P for 4 h in phosphate-free medium. Bend.3 cells were then stimulated with TNF-α for the indicated times and p115RhoGEF phosphorylation was detected by autoradiography followed by western blotting. Untreated Bend.3 cells served as controls. TNF-α induced rapid p115RhoGEF phosphorylation within 1 min. (n = 3 independent experiments). *P < 0.05 vs. Control. -, absence; +, presence.

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