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Figure 3

From: Cannabidiol reduces lipopolysaccharide-induced vascular changes and inflammation in the mouse brain: an intravital microscopy study

Figure 3

CBD prevented LPS-induced extravasation, as an index of BBB integrity. (A) Representative laser-scanning micrographs of microvasculature at t = 90 (left), t = 105 (center) and t = 120 min (right) after LPS administration. Note the increasing red signal outside the vessel, indicating extravasation of the high molecular weight, fluorescent dextrane, confirmed by the measurement of fluorescence intensity across a cross-section (white line) at each time point. (B) Representation of the variation with time of the extravasation as measured by fluorescence intensity in the extravascular portion, in LPS (black circles) and LPS+CBD (triangles) treated animals, as compared to vehicle (open circles). Error bars represent mean ± SEM of 7-8 experiments. p < 0.05 by 2-way ANOVA. Scale bar: 200 μm.

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