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Table 4 The effects of ERα agonist 16α-LE2 and ERβ agonist DPN on the transcription of E2-regulated neuroinflammatory genes.

From: Estrogens regulate neuroinflammatory genes via estrogen receptors α and β in the frontal cortex of middle-aged female rats

Symbol Gene name TaqMan ID RQ(LE2) RQ(DPN)
C3 complement C3 Rn00566466_m1 0.743 0.801
Np4 defensin NP-4 precursor Rn00597762_g1 2.268 2.578
RatNP-3b defensin ratNP-3 precursor Rn01478511_gH 10.568 4.574
Ig chain
IgG-2a immonoglobulin G Rn01429839_g1 9.257 4.048
Ccl2 chemokine (C-C) ligand 2 Rn00580555_m1 0.824 0.703
Il6 interleukin-6 Rn00561420_m1 2.232 2.635
RT1-Aw2 RT1 class Ib Rn03034964_u1 0.658 0.463
phagocytic receptor
Fcgr2b Fc fragment of IgG, receptor Rn00598391_m1 0.649 0.651
Itgam CD11b Rn00709342_m1 0.655 0.798
  1. Nine genes were regulated in a similar way by selective ERα and ERβ agonists indicating that both ERs were involved in the transcriptional regulation of these genes. Relative quantities were the mean of six individual samples. RQ, relative quantity; LE2, 16α-LE2; DPN, diarylpropionitrile.