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Figure 1 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 1

From: Contrasting disease patterns in seropositive and seronegative neuromyelitis optica: A multicentre study of 175 patients

Figure 1

EDSS and disease duration at last follow-up grouped according to EDSS landmarks. EDSS < 2: No disability; EDSS 2-3.5: Disability but unrestricted walking range; EDSS 4-5.5: Restricted walking range but no walking aid required; EDSS 6-6.5: Walking aid required; 7-9.5: Essentially restricted to wheelchair or bed. In five cases the cause of death was directly related to attack-related neurological deterioration (EDSS 10). In those 4 cases in which the cause of death was not directly caused by neurological deterioration, the EDSS score obtained at the last examination prior to death was used for analysis.

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