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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of patients included for postmortem studies

From: Endotoxin- and ATP-neutralizing activity of alkaline phosphatase as a strategy to limit neuroinflammation

Patient Gender Age at death (years) Disease duration (years) MS disease form Cause of death
NDC1 Male 73 NA NA Colon carcinoma with liver metastases
NDC2 Female 90 NA NA Unknown
NDC3 Female 68 NA NA Metastasized mamma carcinoma
NDC4 Male 84 NA NA Heart failure by uremia
MS1 Female 41 11 SP Natural death
MS2 Female 50 17 Chronic progressive Euthanasia
MS3 Female 55 21 SP Possible CVA
MS4 Male 64 34 PP End-stage progressive MS
MS5 Female 76 34 SP Respiratory insufficiency of unknown origin
  1. CVA, cerebrovascular accident; MS, multiple sclerosis; NA, not applicable; PP, primary progressive; SP, secondary progressive.