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Figure 2

From: NOV/CCN3 attenuates inflammatory pain through regulation of matrix metalloproteinases-2 and -9

Figure 2

Neuronal expression of NOV in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. (A) NOV immunolabeling in dorsal spinal cord laminae and in the dorsolateral funiculus (a, asterisk). (b-d) Immunolocalization using neuronal NeuN (b) and NOV (c) antibodies, overlay (merge, d). No primary antibody (control) and IgG depleted of NOV-specific IgG (flow through, FT) were used as negative controls. Scale: 100 μm. (B) Co-immunostaining using antibodies against NOV (green, b, e, h, k), neuronal (CGRP, a; NF200, d), astrocytic (GFAP, g) and microglial (iba1, j) markers. Overlay of the labeling (merge c, f, i, l). Scale: 50 μm.

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