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Figure 4 | Journal of Neuroinflammation

Figure 4

From: NOV/CCN3 attenuates inflammatory pain through regulation of matrix metalloproteinases-2 and -9

Figure 4

Effect of dexamethasone on NOV expression in DRG and dorsal spinal cord. mRNA expression of NOV (A, C) and the cytokines IL-6, CCL2, IL-1β and TNF-α (B, D) in the DRG (A, B) and DHSC (C, D) of rats treated with dexamethasone. Dexamethasone (DEXA, 2 mg/kg i.p) or vehicle (saline) were administered daily for 4 consecutive days to sham or CFA rats, starting from day 9 after CFA or saline injection into the paw. Transcript levels were quantified by RT-qPCR. Values were normalized to rat S26 mRNA levels and reported relative to the control group sham/saline set to 1 (dotted line in B and D). The data represent mean ± SEM of four rats per group of a representative experiment repeated twice (A, C: *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 CFA/saline versus sham/saline or CFA-DEXA, B, D: *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 CFA/saline versus sham/saline, †P < 0.05, ††P < 0.01 CFA/saline versus CFA/DEXA).

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